By refusing to issue a permit for the formation of the Social Science Club at the University of Pittsburgh, the authorities of that university have brushed aside even a semblance of freedom of thought and discussion. "The action of Chancellor Bowman reveals a spirit of non-tolerance and social teacher dictation.

The Pittsburgh chancellor, moreover, exposed his own fallibility by refusing to talk over and justify his action. When approached on the subject he caustically retorted that he knew nothing about the Social Science Club, and then added, "furthermore, I don't care to talk to you about it". According to one of the club's organizers, the refusal was due to the poor showing made by the Liberal Club which was suppressed two years ago.

The professed purpose of the new club to discuss social and economic problems is both legitimate and worthy, and as such it ought to be permitted. Nothing is to be gained by gruff intervention, for this move merely gains sympathy for those whom the authorities would suppress. Whatever the reasons may be, the least that can be demanded is that the chancellor give the club fair consideration and not merely the mute condemnation exhibited thus far.