Four crews will be boated from the Newell Boat House on Monday for the first outdoor rowing of the Crimson season Coach C. J. Whiteside, announced yesterday. Whiteside will select a University squad of 32 men from among the 80 oarsmen now rowing in University and class crew combinations. No definite boatings of University crews will be made until April 1.

Whiteside plans an unusual experiment in the seatings of the four crews that will row on Monday. The crews will be stroked by W. B. Bacon '34, J. E. Lawrence '31, A. H. Parker, Jr. '32, and G. J. Cassedy '34. He intends to give to the four strokes the names of the 28 other oarsmen on the squad and allow them to pick their own crews.

Bacon, being the most inexperienced stroke, will have first selection of a number seven man. Parker will have second selection, Lawrence will have third and Cassedy, fourth. Cassedy will have first selection of a number six man, Lawrence, second; Parker, third and Bacon fourth and the strokes will alternate in that manner, selecting the men who will row in the crew with them. The idea is to make up four crews as evenly matched as possible so that the early work may be more interesting to the men and so that better competition will be afforded and good-natured rivalry spur on all the oarsmen in the squad. The four strokes will meet Whiteside late today and make their choices.

Providing that the river in front of the Weld Boat House is free from ice on Monday, Coach Burt Haines of the Freshman crews, intends to take out the Leviathan, the twenty-oared rowing barge, used every spring by Freshmen and inexperienced candidates.