A Naively Humorous Writer

To the Editor, of the CRIMSON:

Your newly acquired sports colyumnist, W. F. C. ("Hank") Foster is one of the most naively humorous writers in contemporary journalism! His contributions, coming in the midst of all the serious chapel business, are really refreshing. They make me yearn for the pleasant days in Freshman English when our theses, anecdotes, and disquisitions used to be read aloud before a squirming audience!

I am no expert at rowing, but I can readily see the nautical three ring circus that would be created if Mr. Foster's ideas were put into effect:-- "As later determined, the committee will select from the men in standing position, as well as seated in the shell, from time to time a certain number for elimination. Hats off to those eliminated men." Now, I ask you, must our oarsmen become tight-rope walkers and Washington crossing the Delaware?

As for the idea that any "motherly soul" can show a varsity boat a few pointers on rowing, there may be a minimum of truth in it; but in actual practice it is absurd. If anybody can ride in the proposed coaching-excursion boats, who will there be left to fill the observation cars at New London? Peanut galleries are all right in their proper place, but there is a limit!

Yours for louder and funnier sermons on Baseball Stitching; Soldiers Bonus; Boston Business; Faith; Hope; and the greatest of all, "What's-Wrong-With-Crew. Eugene Du Bois '33.