To Address Join Meeting of Liberal and Socialist Clubs -- Members of University Invited

Dr. John Dewey, famous philosopher and president of the People's Lobby will address a joint meeting of the socialist and Liberal Clubs tonight at 8 o'clock in Emerson D. Dr. Dewey will talk on "Full Warehouses and Empty Stomachs", pointing out a program for the immediate relief of unemployment along practical lines. Members of the University are invited to attend.

Dr. Dewey's lecture is in keeping with the present policy of the two clubs to encourage unemployment relief. Telegrams were dispatched last night at a joint meeting of the organizations calling upon President Hoover and Senator David I. Walsh to urge a special session of Congress to appropriate sufficient funds for unemployment aid. The message pointed out that the Red Cross, charities, municipal aid, and "rugged individualism" have failed and that "immediate congressional action is the only recourse for the nation."