Competition in the divorce market has led Nevada to adopt the most distinctive measures. All records have fallen by the wayside under the new rulings, in effect yesterday morning, by which divorce may be secured in six weeks and fourteen minutes, easily half the time of the closest rival. Efficiency supreme, with magistrates rising at 6 o'clock to prepare for the day's actions, and gambling extreme, by the newest laws, have brought all the sheep into the fold, while wolves of one sort or another have gathered for the killing.

The most convenient mark of distinction yet conceived is the adoption of colored glasses, which were originally used by women in the divorce colony to baffle camera men, according to dispatches, but have now become a recognized means of distinguishing the sheep from the wolves. Strangely enough or usually enough in such circumstances both parties are happy with the contrivance. The sheep are allowed immediately to enter the most reputable speakeasies to be fleeced, while the wolves can now simply separate their prey from the common herd.