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Baton Used by Court Criers During Reign of George III

Federal Judge John M. Woolsey of the Southern District of New York, who recently spoke at the annual dinner of the Harvard Law Review, has just given the Law Review a present in appreciation of that banquet. The gift was a baton used in Boston in the Colonial days. This baton will be used at all future Law Review ceremonies as its official gavel.

The baton, or mace, was used by court criers in Boston during the reign of George III. It is in its original condition, painted in stripes of black, red and gold. On one side is painted an emblem of judicial significance: the head of a mace below the golden royal crown of England. On each end Judge Woolsey has placed golden plates, one signifying by whom the baton was given, and the other engraved with the name of the Law Review and the Harvard coat of arms.