The world of nations, France in particular, is having an unedifying demonstration of American mayors. While the foreign press politely refrains from printed comment on the wranglings of the Maires at large and reserves opinion for chamber recitals American becomes eloquent.

The chief difficulty seems to be a matter of which mayor in to receive the Legion d'Honnour from a nation which as yet has shown no desire to confer that honor. Nor is it easy to understand on what bases one could justify such recognition. The mayors themselves seem to feel that forensic ability and volubility are the essential qualities necessary to the head man of a show that must have nothing but lead parts. Mayor Curie seems to have essayed to play the role of ingenue and he has acted well.

The first man home ever has the advantage and Mr. Curley has handled the question of the Legion d'Honneur with diplomatic tact.