Robert Saltonstall '1 Made Head of Advisory Committee-Treasurer in Charge of Budget

William Harry Wood, Jr. '32, of Milton, Harvard football star, yesterday afternoon was elected president of the Student Council at the first meeting of the new board. The 15 members of the Council, recently appointed both by the vote of undergraduates and by subsequent arbitrary selection, also chose Eustis Dearborn '32, of Sandwich, vice-president, James Barr Ames '32, of Wayland, secretary, and Joseph Rawson Collins '32, of Cincinnati, Ohio, treasurer, of the new organization.

Saltonstall 1935 Mentor

Robert Saltonstall, Jr. '33, was appointed by the president as Chairman of the Student Council Committee on Freshman Affairs. He will succeed Wood as upper class leader in Freshman activities for the Class of 1935; it will be his duty, with the assistance of the Freshman Hall proctors, to guide the coming class in its choice of dormitory committees, and in the selection of the 1935 Red Book Board.

Aside from the naming of the officers no further business was discussed at the Council meeting yesterday. The head of the Advisory Committee is yet to be named. Collins will supervise the arrangement of the budget, which is drawn up annually by the Council to include contributions to leading charities.