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Resources of Soviet Russia Shown in Baker Library Exhibition

An economic exhibit dealing mainly with the resources of the United States of Soviet Russia will be on view beginning today and lasting until Saturday, November 26, in Room 231 of Baker Memorial Library at the Business School. The collection has been assembled by J. A. DeHaas, William Ziegler Professor of International Relationships, and D. H. Davenport, associate professor of Business Statistics.

The purpose of the exhibit is non political, and merely to show what Russia is doing now in the way of industrial and educational development. A complete collection of samples of Soviet exports is on view, including specimens of manganese, wood pulp, flax, and fibers.

A novel feature of the exhibit is a collection of propaganda posters, which are being used in Russia to encourage workingmen to produce more, educate themselves, and improve the public health. There is also a group of pamphlets describing present travel conditions in Russia.