Organizations in 13 Districts Will Be Hosts to Homecomers--All Men in College Are Invited

Following is a list of the Harvard Clubs which plan to hold Christmas meetings, with the name and address of each secretary. All Harvard men are invited to the dinners.

Akron, Ohio, Lester V. Baker '23, C/o India Tire & Rubber Co., Akron; Chicago, Dwight Ingram '16, 14 East Jackson Blvd., Chicago; Cincinnati, Ohio, F. H. Lawson '21, C/o the F. H. Lawson Company, Cincinnati; Cleveland, Ohio, Walter J. Milde '25, 1759 Union Trust Building, Cleveland; Des Moines, Iowa, Harold H. Newcomb, L '21-22, Register & Tribune Bldg., Des Moines, Iowa; Harvard Association of Eastern New York, Hobart W. Davis '24, 447 Ontario, St., Albany, N. Y.; Indiana, W. R. Allen '15, C/o L. S. Ayres Company, Indianapolis, Ind.; Michigan, John D. Rice, L '27, 2288 First National Bank Bldg., Detroit, Mich.; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Eldred M. Keays '07, 110 East Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee.; Minnesota, Reuel D. Harmon '26, C/o Webb Publishing Co., St. Paul, Minn.; Philadelphia, Morris Duane '23, 1617 Land Title Bldg., Philadelphia; Rochester, N. Y., Hiram W. Sibley, 2nd, 404 East Avenue, Rochester N. Y.; Western Pennsylvania, Wells Fay '26, 1312 Park Building, Pittsburgh, Pa.