Kuo, Member of Board of Editors, Has Contributed Article on Manchuria In First Issue.

"The China Review", a monthly, non-partisan magazine by Chinese students in Universities throughout the United, States published for the purpose of presenting China to the American public in an impartial and friendly way" has been organized by students at Columbia University. P. C. Kuo 3G, of Harvard, is a member of the board of editors and has contributed an article entitled "Japan's Ambition in Manchuria" to the opening issue,

The opening foreword declares, "This is the moment in which much space of the newspapers is devoted to affairs in the East and editorials are busy tackling the Manchurian problem. It is hoped that the turmoil will not last long and, in fact, it cannot last long. A little shift of political incidents is sure to undermine the whole struggle and therewith the space occupied by this unfortunate event will saved for the exploitation of other fattens. Thus Manchuria will be for gotten and the Oriental people once again relegated to a sort of Utopiation-existence."