Young Lochinvar


To anyone who scans newspapers from dozens of colleges all over the country, it is apparent at once that there is a universal movement afoot to effect a new form of student government which will not only care for the social needs of students but scholastic and welfare problems as well. The development of large student bodies with multiplied problems has rendered governments by a handful of aggressive campus politicians obsolete.

Exploitation of student interests, non-representative officers and inefficient management are sending the old political faction form of government to the wall. College students are setting up the framework of government systems which are adequate and capable of satisfying the many needs of the present day student. In the larger colleges and universities, the student senate and council systems are being inaugurated to replace the old free-for-all but open-to-none class officer system.

Ohio State university has but recently installed a new senate government. The University of Wisconsin is considering changes which will cure the ills existent under a system of the old school. Students at DePauw are criticizing their government and agitation is being carried on to obliterate politics. The Daily Northwestern runs as a platform plank on its editorial page the program, "Develop a strong, central student governing body."

The reform activities at these large schools in the Midwest are illustrative of the movement which is in force in nearly every college. The new and healthier student governments which are bound to grow up will probably be paralleled by a development of student interest in local, state and national government as well. If such an interest can be fostered in model student governments, they will be well worth the effort which students are now putting into the reformation. --Daily Illini.