The following concludes the list of changes of courses for the second half year. New courses, and other changes, were announced in yesterday morning's Crimson.


English 92. The American Novel, 1790-1900. Associate Professor Murdock. (III)

Fine Arts 1d. History of Mediaeval, Renaissance, and Modern Art. Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 11 o'clock. Professor Edgell, assisted by Mr. Richmond and Mr.--(IV)

With the permission of the instructor, properly qualified Freshmen may be admitted.

Physics 19. Biophysics. Dr. Guillemin. Tuesday, Thursday, and (at the pleasure of the instructor) Saturday at 12 o'clock. (XIV)

Physics 12. Radioactivity and X-Rays.--Special Reference to Modern Theories of Matter. Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 12. Mr. Hudson. (V)

Zoology 6b. Biology of the Higher Vertebrates.--Mammals. Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 2 o'clock. Associate Professor Allen. (VII)

Zoology 9. Invertebrate Zoology. Monday, Wednesday and (at the pleasure of the instructor) Friday at 11 o'clock. Asst. Professor Macdonald. (IV)

Physiology 2. Dynamics of Vital Processes. Tuesday, Thursday and (at the pleasure of the instructor) Saturday at 10 o'clock. Professor Crozier, Dr. Navez, Dr. Wolf, and Mr.--. (XII)

Physiology 10. Introduction to Research. Hours to be arranged. Members of the Department.

Physiology 6. Problems in Biophysics. Monday, Wednesday at 10 o'clock. Dr. F. L. Gates, and Mr. --. (III)

Geology 16. Regional Geology with special reference to North America. Asst. Professor Billings. Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 10 o'clock. (III)

Government 28. Modern Imperialism. Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 12 o'clock. Asst. Professor Rupert Emerson. (V)

Philosophy 8b. The Logic of Bradley and Bosanquet. Dr. O. H. Lee. Monday, Wednesday, at 2 o'clock. (VII)

Philosophy 14d. Spinoza. Tuesday, Thursday, at 3 o'clock, and a third hour at the pleasure of the instructor. Associate Professor Prall. (XVII)


German 20d. Friedrich Nietzsche und die deutsche Dichtung. Professor von der Leyen. To be given Tuesday, 3 to 5 o'clock. (XVII, XVIII)

French 19. Historical French Syntax and French Semantics. Professor J. D. M. Ford.

Hours to be arranged.

Fine Arts 17. Problems in Chinese and Japanese Art through the Mediaeval Period. Mr. Warner.

Previously announced as a half-course first half-year, has been extended to a whole course. The first half may be counted as a half-course, but the second half is open only to those who have taken the first half in this or previous years.

Music 7. A preliminary Course in Composition, devoted chiefly to the smaller forms. Tuesday, and (at the pleasure of the instructor) Thursday, 3 to 4.30 o'clock. To be given by Mr. Gustav Holst during second half-year. (XVII)

Physics 44. Electromagnetic Theory of Light. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, at 10 o'clock. Professor Slater. (XII)

Chemistry 20f. Inorganic and Physical Chemistry including Determination of Atomic Weights. To be conducted by Professor Forbes during the second half-year, in the absence of Professor Baxter.

Meteorology 2. Climatology (general course).--Climate and Man. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, at 10 o'clock. Mr. Emmons. (III)

History 20 j. American Colonial History. Professor Morison.

Economics 36. Industrial Relations. Professor Slichter. Wednesday and Friday, at 10 o'clock. (III)

Economics 39. International Trade and Finance. Dr. Haberler. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, at 9 o'clock. (XI)

Economics 43. Research Methods in Agricultural Economics. Professor J. D. Black. Monday, Wednesday, at 3 o'clock. (VIII)

Anthropology 15. Field Methods in Anthropology. Wednesday, at 3 o'clock. Professors Dixon, Tozzer, and Hooton. (VIII)