All Phases of Subject Treated From 1890 to Present Day

Another volume of the Harvard Economic Studies was published yesterday by the University Press, entitled "Street Railways in Massachusetts." Its author is E. S. Mason '20, assistant professor of Economics and tutor in the division of History, Government, and Economics.

A complete treatise on the subject, the book takes up all phases of street railways, stressing the economic side of their operation and development. Their history is taken up in detail from the time when they first began to supercede horserace, about 1890, and continues to the present day, when the bus is rapidly taking the place of the trolley as a means of rapid transit. Among the numerous aspects of street railway operation which are taken up may be classed their vise, building, organization, finance, and finally their fall.

This is the second book that the Press has published in the last two weeks by a Harvard author, and the thirty-seventh in the series of economic studies.