The establishment in Leverett House of a "library" of phonograph records is an excellent idea. The only real way to learn music and to appreciate it is to hear it, and there are many students who would like to become more familiar with it. Others get a particular enjoyment out of listening to music. These men might feel that they could afford the time and the money to go to the symphony or to various recitals perhaps once a week. Few could afford to buy a victrola and the expensive records that they want. This innovation will provide some students with a pleasure which they cannot enjoy except by going to the Music Building a good quarter of a mile away. To all the House members it will offer a wider, fuller education.

Aside from its originally and its benefit to the students this plan is significant in that it makes the Houses still more of an aid in the acquisition of a cultural education. Here and here alone students will get together to listen to a piece and will talk it over afterwards.