The Student Vagabond


9 o'cock

"Rise of Russia in Prussia," Professor Merriman, New Lecture Hall.

"Newman's Prose", Professor Rollins, Emerson H.

10 o'clock

"Mrs. Kirkland and Sylvester Judd," Professor Murdock, Sever 11.

"Roger van der Weyden," Dr. Kuhn, Germanic Museum.

11 o'clock

"American Reciprocity Treatles," Professor Baxter, Harvard 1.

"Milton's Sonnets", Professor Rollins Emerson 1.

"Italian Medieval Sculpture, the Beginning of Italian Medieval Painting," Professor Edgell, Fogg Large Room.

"Agencies for Social Control: Religion." Professor Carver, Emerson 24.

"Minor Augustan Poets and Augustan Prose," Professor Rand, Sever 13.

12 o'clock

"Magnetic Effects of Electric Currents," Professor Black, Jefferson Physical Laboratory 250.

"Chopin and the Rise of the Piano," Professor Hill, Music Building.

"Price Structure of the Markets," Professor Usher, Widener U.

"Germany 1871-1914, the Evolution of Parties," Professor Langer, Harvard 6.

"Michael Angele," Professor Post. Fogg Large Room.

"Thomas Heywood's Dramatic Works." Professor J. T. Murray, Harvard 3.

"Keats' Odes," Professor Lowes. Emerson D.

"The Story of Perceval." Professor Maynadier, Sever 5.

2 o'clock.

"Colloquy of the Ancients," Professor Porter. Fogg Museum, Small Lecture Room.


9 o'clock

"Electromechanical Devices," Professor Chaffee, Cruft Lecture Room 3.