The Student Council last year announced that it was making arrangements for representation of the various houses in its membership. But, despite the fact that all of the houses have men on the Council, the elected members are still chosen by their class and are supposedly representative of it. The decline of the importance of the classes as distinct social units which has been indicated in the discontinuance of the Junior Dance and the lack of interest in class elections, has become more pronounced with the evolution of the House Plan. It is only reasonable that members of the Student Council should cease to be elected by their classmates, only their associates in the Houses.

Sufficient apportionment of votes between the two upper classes might be attained if each of the seven houses elected one Junior and one Senior member of the Council. Men living at College but not in the Houses might be permitted to choose a delegate, and the large number of commuters might also elect a member. In this way students would be more nearly represented according to the community of their social interests.