Members of the Harvard University hockey squad, fathers of the players, and graduates gathered at the Harvard Club last night for dinner. An announcement was made at that time of the award of Harvard's two hockey trophies. C. E. McGregor '32 of Ipswich, defense player on the Harvard hockey team, has been awarded the John Tudor cup and Ian Baldwin '33 of Mt. Kisco, New York, has been awarded the Angier hockey trophy.

The Tudor cup was given to Harvard by F. A. Clark '29 and W. T. Wetmore '30, two classmates of John Tudor '29. The cup is awarded yearly to "the player who is of the greatest value to Harvard hockey, not so much because of his ability but because of his heart." The idea behind the award is to present this trophy not necessarily to the best player, nor again to the hardest worker, but to the player who best exemplifies John Tudor's qualities. He was an athlete who came through in the pinches, rose to his best in the big games and gave just a little bit more than it was thought he could give.

The award of the Tudor Memorial cup to McGregor marked the third successive time that a defense player has won the valued hockey prize. Harwood Ellis '31, goaler and captain of the 1931 team was awarded the trophy at the end of the 1930 hockey season. S. L. Batchelder '32, defense player, was awarded the trophy after the 1931 hockey season.

The Angier hockey trophy, awarded for the first time, was given to Baldwin because he was judged to be the player showing the greatest general improvement during the season. This trophy was presented by Donald Angier '22. The Angier trophy, as well as the Tudor memorial cup, is a permanent trophy and replicas of each are given to the player to whom the award is made. Both awards were made by a committee of coaches and graduates