News from the Houses

House Crews Inaugurate Four Days of Strenuous Competition

The first Inter-house crew races of the season will be held today, and will be followed by similar races tomorrow, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Included the "Pirate vs.", composed of men from various houses and classes, which is considered by Coach Ed Brown to be in the same classification as the house crews.

The schedule of the races is as follows: today: Pirates vs. Dunster; Winthrop vs. Lowell; Eliot vs. Kirkland; tomorrow; Pirates vs. Eliot; Dunster vs. Winthrop; Kirkland vs. Lowell; Monday; Pirates vs. Winthrop; Dunster vs. Kirkland; Eliot vs. Lowell; Tuesday: Pirates vs. Kirkland; Dunster vs. Lowell; Eliot vs. Winthrop; Thursday; Pirates vs. Lowell; Dunster vs. Eliot; Winthrop vs. Kirkland.