Will Journey to Japan, China and India To Study Religious Problems

Dr. Benjamin Rowland, Jr. '28 will do research work in Japan, China, and possibly India next winter under the auspices of the American Council of Learned Societies. He will make a special study of the history of the religion and art of Japan, with the end in view of establishing a course in the history of Oriental art at Harvard, probably under the title, Fine Arts 1e.

While in Japan, Dr. Rowland will work under the guidance of the Institute for Artistic Research at the Imperial University of Tokio, which is the headquarters for the work which is being carried on by the Japanese Government in discovering and preserving ancient works of art on the Islands.

Speaking on the subject of China, Dr. Rowland said that the most important artistic relics of the past are in regions infested with native bandits of the most vicious character, and which have recently seen the slaughter of 100,000 natives in religious wars between Mohammedans and Confucianists.