Routine System Will Be Explained to Aspirants to the Board--Class Will Feature Anniversary

Five members of the Freshman class have been named by a committee composed of upperclassmen, as the executive board of the Red Book, annual publication of the first-year men which appears on the day of the Freshman Jubilee.

Deric Nusbaum, Editor-in-Chief, of Santa Fe, New Mexico, prepared at Loomis, and has written several books on various subjects concerning New Mexi can Indians. The Editorial Chairman, R. W. Drury, prepared at St. Paul's, coming from Concord, New Hampshire. Bernard McDonald, of Winthrop, Photographic Chairman, prepared at Worcester. The Business Chairman, A. A. Bliss, from Long Island, New York, prepared at Groton. The Art Chairman, C. F. Sampson, prepared at Westminster, comes from Scarborough, N. Y.

Meeting To Be Held

At the first meeting of the candidates who are to come out for the Red Book Competition, which is to take place next Tuesday evening in the Upstairs Common Room of the Union at 7.15 o'clock, Nusbaum will outline their work, and explain the routine system of getting under way. Probably no demands will be made of the aspirants until after the period of mid-year examinations, but the board is desirous of an efficient start.

The fact that this year's book will mark the record of the three hundredth class to graduate in Harvard's 300th anniversary year is considered by the board a material incentive to the work of the men who will be ultimately selected to bring out the book. Several innovations were revealed by the executive board yesterday afternoon. It is hoped, at present, that a feature concerning President Lowell's long career at Harvard may be included.