Brooks House Committee on Foreign Men Will Be Active

Plan To Emphasize Program of International Council

Despite the fact that the small number of Foreign students enrolled at the University this year has caused the House committees to be abolished the Foreign students Committee of Phillips Brooks House is planning an active year, Cullison Cady '35, chairman announced yesterday.

The Committee will emphasize the program of the International Council.

This year's committee is as follows: Cullison Cady '35, Ernst A. Teves '35, Victor H. Kramer '35, Donald S. Carmichael '35, Rodman W. Paul '36, Rolf Kaltenborn '37, Thomas W. Farmer '35, Alan K. Hartman '36, Henry F. H. Sims '36, Walter C. Hartridge '36, John W. McCarthy '34, Robert L. Behrens '34, William C. Loring, Jr. '35, Henry E. Holm '34.