News from the Houses

Members Meet Weekly to Sing in Tower Room of House

At Eliot House a double quartet has been privately formed to sing sixteenth seventeenth and eighteenth century music. The members meet weekly, usually on Fridays, for dinner in the House dining halls, then go to the tower room, and spend two hours part singing works of Byrd. Merley, Purcell, Bach. Palestries early polyphonic music and folksongs. It is possible that a concert may some time be given in the common room. but at present the group's only aim is to sing for its own amusement, at sight and without accompaniment whenever possible.

Mr. A. Tillman Merritt, instructor and tutor in Music, is acting as guide and conductor; Oliver R. Straus '36, and Harrison Wood '36, are the organizers. The other members are Kenneth Cameron '34, Robert R. Corell '35, Robert S. Chafee '36, John N. Edson '36, Charles R. Rockwell III '36, and Albert Thorndike Jr. '36.