Harvard May Be Outplayed But Not Beaten by Eli Team, Says Carens---9000 Tickets Unsold

The following article was written for the Crimson by George C. Carens of the Boston Transcript.

The scene that Harvard and Yale people will study on the cover of the official program at the Stadium this afternoon.--Sav's drawing for the Harvard A. A. News--is nicely turned out, colorful, lively, sartorially correct, and causes one to ask: What is wrong in this picture? Now you try and figure it out for yourself. Something has slipped, and careful study will disclose it.

* * *

Nine thousand tickets for today's game were locked in the H. A. A. safe overnight. These 9000 tickets cost less than $50 to print and when they slipped through the presses there was every expectation that they would bring is $36,000 to help balance the H. A. A. budget. Well, they will remain unsold, and today's 52d annual classic--I use the word advisedly--will be witnessed by less than the customary full house. It is an astonishing thing to find H-Y tickets going begging.

* * *

In a sense, the fact that there will be bare patches in the big steel stands is a boost for the judgment of Dr. A. Lawrence Lowell. When the football hysteria was at its height, when the undergraduate editors were shrieking themselves hoarse about overemphasis and when it looked as though the demand for seats and more seats would never be satiated, plans were drawn for a Stadium that would seat 120,000. But Dr. Lowell said, in effect: "Build in the open end of your Stadium, put in a permanent structure, but don't worry about handling more people than you can seat in the Stadium; just consider the students and graduates." Today, as it happens, Harvard finds that it has too many seats at $4.40 a head, but it probably would have sold out at the old price--$3--and now the problem is whether to lower the prices next year. By that time the depression will hardly be over, but when it ends the people will pay the price.

* * *

This week Yale, without a shadow of doubt, will get more first downs than Harvard, but I have a feeling--not because I'm writing in a Harvard paper, but a feeling that comes from a fairly close view of the Cambridge situation--that Harvard is ready to play inspired football and won't be beaten. Some people think Arnie Horween showed debatable judgment in coming on here for the final week, but I disagree. Eddie Casey wrote Horween last September, saying: "You'll be welcome anytime." The answer will be had when a final estimate of Harvard's performance today is available. It may take a lot of valiant battling to tame that Bulldog, but it seems to be that Harvard is ready to expend that energy.

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