Wellesley and Stagers' Productions To Include H.D.C. Members--Five Men Have Parts in "Blanco Posnet"

Several members of the Harvard Dramatic Club are taking part this week in two productions presented at the Peabody Playhouse by the Stagers, a local organization which presents a different play each week.

As professional actors, W. S. Burrage '33, President of the Harvard Dramatic Club, W. C. Gregg ocC, H. G. Hutchinson '33, S. D. King '34, and E. I. Montague '35 have small parts in the Stagers' production, "The Showing Up of Blanco Posnet" by G. B. Shaw. R. Breckinridge '34 has a minor role in the curtain raiser, "Shall We Join the Ladies?" by J. M. Barrie.

Also, today tryouts will be held at Alumnae Hall, at Wellesley, for the male roles in the new offering of the Wellesley College class in play production. By special arrangement with the Harvard Dramatic Club, these male roles will be reserved for Harvard students.

The play, called "Hazel Kirke," was written by Steele Mackaye and is a melodrama of the latter part of the nineteenth century. It will be presented in Alumnae Hall on April 18.

New manuscripts have been received in the playwriting contest that the club is sponsoring among the students, and it is probable that a piece will be used for the spring production.