Six of the fifteen members of the Advisory Committee for the first Russian Seminar, making an unprejudiced survey of Soviet Russia, politically and economically, this summer, are Harvard graduates. They are Stuart Chase '10, New York City; Kenneth Conant '15, associate professor of Architecture; S. H. Cross '12, assistant professor of Slavic Languages and Literature; H. W. L. Dana '03, Cambridge; B. C. Hopper '24, assistant professor of Government; and Frank Nowak '23, Boston.

Lectures Will Be Given

Some members of the Advisory Committee will accompany the Seminar to give lectures on History, Economics, Politics, Art, Architecture, Religion to the students and conduct discussion groups during the almost three months of travel abroad. Further educational opportunities will be offered in informal conferences arranged with cultural and political leaders prominent in present-day Russia. Arrangements are being made with various universities to give credit for the courses taken.

Based on the principle, "Seeing is Understanding," the Seminar has as its object arriving at a fair estimate of actual conditions in Russia, so often tempered by propaganda and personal prejudice. Russia has been chosen as the material for study because of its probable effect as a new element on civilization. Dana said, "It is the most important thing in the world today that Russia and America should understand each other."