Three Medical Students Given Funds For European Study -- Brandeis and Benjamin Fellowships Awarded

Award of 25 fellowships and scholarships in the University was announced last night following approval by the Corporation. The awards represent a total of about $34,000. Included on the list are eight fellowships in the Medical School, 16 fellowships and scholarships in the Law School, and one fellowship in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Of particular interest is the announcement of three William O. Moseley, Jr., Travelling Fellowships. These fellowships were founded in 1912, for students who have attended the Medical School for three or four years, to enable them to continue the study of medicine in Europe. The three holders this year are Dr. S. J. G. Nowak, of Boston, instructor in surgery at the Harvard Medical School; Dr. C. V. Seastone, Jr., of Madison, Wisconsin, research fellow in bacteriology and immunology; and Dr. N. L. Crone, of Boston, interne at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Research Fellowship

Among the principal awards at the Law School are eight research fellowships, which will bring to Harvard, professors of law from a number of law schools throughout the country. These awards were established in 1926 as part of the endowment fund for the Law School, to be awarded to persons specially invited by the Faculty of Law to engage in research. Holders of the eight research fellowships are listed below:

G. J. Thompson, professor of Law, Cornell University; Horace E. Read, professor of Law, Dalhousie University; W. R. Blackard, assistant Professor of Law, University of Tennessee; C. L. Colson, assistant professor of Law, Emery University; A. B. Eblen, assistant professor of Law, University of Missouri; J. J. Morrison, professor of Law, Tulane University; E. G. Jennings, Secretary to W. S. Kenyon, U. S. Circuit Judge, Fort Dodge, Iowa; T. A. Cowan, former instructor in Law, University of Pennsylvania.

Also announced were two named fellowships for research at the Law School. One is the Brandels Fellowship established in 1926 on the occasion of the seventieth birthday of Mr. Justice Brandeis, by some of his friends as a part of the endowment fund. This fellowship has been awarded to L. B. Orfield, assistant professor of Law at the University of Nebraska. The other award is the Judah Philip Benjamin Research Fellowship, awarded to H. A. Judy, of San Francisco, California, now a graduate student at the Harvard Law School. The fellowship was established in 1926 by an anonymous donor in memory of the late Judah Philip Benjamin, American lawyer and statesman, and subsequently a noted practitioner at the English bar.