Combination Offers Varied Program For Sodality's 125th Anniversary Concert--75th Year of Glee Club

In celebration of the 125th anniversary of the Harvard University Orchestra and the 75th anniversary of the Glee Club, a joint concert will be given in the Sanders Theater on Thursday evening at 8.30 o'clock.

The Glee Club will be conducted by A. T. Davison '06, professor of Choral Music, and the Orchestra, which is also known as the Pierian Sodality of 1808, will be led by M. H. Holmes '28. No-table on the program are two compositions by J. K. Paine '69, one of the founders of the Music Department. It will be the only time this year that these pieces will be presented at a public concert.

The program is as follows: "Harvard Hymn"  J. K. Paine '69 The Glee Club and Orchestra "Symphony in C-Major"  Mozart The Orchestra "Two Choruses," from "Orpheus"  Gluck The Glee Club and Orchestra "Danse des Bouffons," from "The snow Maiden"  Rimsky-Korsakov The Orchestra "Ecco Iam Noctes"  G. W. Chadwick The Glee Club and Orchestra Prelude to "Oedipus Tyrannis"  J. K. Paine '69 The Orchestra "Hallelujah Amen," from "Judas Maccabus"  G. F. Handel The Glee Club and Orchestra