Seven Harvard Men and Five Radcliffe Students Chosen To Take Parts in Show on May 4 and 5

"Would not consider remaining in America even for Saki" was the characteristic telegram sent by G. B. Shaw to the Harvard Dramatic Club late last night in reply to that organization's recent proposal that he assist in the direction of the spring production, "The Watched Pot," by "Saki" (B. H. Munro). This message bearing his final decision was sent from the Metropolitan Opera House after his address last night. The offer was made by the Executive Committee in the hopes that Shaw, who was a close friend of Saki before the war, might agree to help coach the production.

Eleven of the 12 roles in "The Watched Pot", the Dramatic Club's spring offering, have been filled, Robert Breckinridge '34, president, announced last night. Besides the seven male characters, there are five female parts which are being taken by Radcliffe students, as has been the Club's policy in the past.

The cast for the play, which has been chosen but for the part of Mrs. Vulpy: Rene  O. Z. Whitehead '34 Sparrowly  R. F. Alsop '36 Trevor  Robert Breckinridge '34 William  H. O. Tudor '35 Ludovic  H. D. Patterson '34 Colonel Mutsome  W. S. Burrage '33 John  R. J. Bry '35 Claire  Elizabeth Morison Agatha  Jeanne McMillan Hortensia  Agnes Love Sybil  Betty Love