The Crimson Playgoer

Joan Blondell and Chester Morris in Gangster Picture Now Showing at the Metropolitan

Devotees of the Metropolitan should not have high hopes for this week's presentation, for "Blondie Johnson," starring Joan Blondell and Chester Morris, falls far below the Met standard.

Gangster pictures, when well executed--provided they have a good plot, and are properly organized--are usually interesting, if not amusing, but with the market flooded with this type of movie, a poor or mediocre one falls decidedly flat. With a decidedly poor plot to begin with, Morris and Blondell--to whom credit must be given for being well chosen for their parts--emote, snarl, and wisecrack at each other in a half hearted manner, Blondie's high pressure, big, beautiful, blue eyes exude sex appeal which usually missed the mark, and Morris has a difficult time in his dramatic, but obvious, moments.

Mack Sennet's comedy, which appears to be included as a chaser for the stiff dose of Blondle Johnson, has a decided effect on the audience--that of making them want to go home. But just when the evening seems to be at its worst, a comic cartoon comes to the rescue, but the "Peanut Vender" spoils that, too. Every cloud has its silver lining, and fortunately for all concerned, Jack (Drums) Powell's excellent performance keeps the evening from being entirely wasted.