Terrorism of the reactionary Machado administration in Cuba against the student opposition was climaxed last Friday with the massacre of six students by the Habana police, and the further application of a rigid censorship. President Machado two years ago closed the University of Habana which was proving mildly provoking for his autocratic regime with its incessant protests against his policies. This further increased the militancy and the student's tendencies toward futile exhibitionism. At present the government, according to the National Student League "resorts to open murder of the most active students in a vain attempt to stifle the protests against American Capitalistic exploitation of Cuba."

Grossly over-emphasized as a prime example of American generosity to the embryonic spirit of Cuban independence, and flaunted as perfect evidence of the non-imperialism of America, the political independence of Cuba is in reality a perfect farce. Theoretically autonomous, the Cuban government dares not cross swords with American sugar trusts. Granting Cuba independence was a clever move. Pseudo-political independence placed the Cuban people only to bring about a thorough economic exploitation of their country by Americans.

The Cuban students as a class are powerless to overthrow the Machado autocracy and it is suicidal for them to continue their terroristic reprisals. To effect the proper change and to guarantee the Cubans their own independence demands the prompt intervention of the American government. In 1929 when the sugar interests were snubbed by the acting Cuban regime, the U.S. Marines went storming down to protect the American interests, and in the present case, when deeper principles are a stake, there is every reason that the American government should once more take definite action.