Four Major Changes Are Necessitated By Illness of Bacon--Simmons Gets Number 3 Position

Pending the return of Bacon to his regular position at Number 6 in the first Varsity shell, Coach Whiteside has reorganized his entire crew squad. Yeomans has been moved up from Number 2 in the first shell to Bacon's vacancy in the stern; his place has been filled by Pierce, who regularly rows at Number 4 in the second boat; and Knowles, formerly in the Number 6 Jayvee position, is now filling Pierce's seat at Number 4. Henry Saltonstall, formerly at Number in the third crew, has been substituted for Knowles at Number 6 in the second.

A change in the seating not affected by Bacon's availability is the substitution of Simmons for Swayze at the contested Number 3 first Varsity berth.

The three crews have been practicing sprints and racing for a week. Yesterday afternoon, the first and second crews raced each other over the 1 3-4 mile course at a 33 beat. As usual, the Jayvees led the Varsity by several feet.