Weak Crimson Squad Faces Tried Tiger Fifteen This Afternoon

The Varsity rugby team, weakened by a 14-0 drubbing from Yale Wednesday, will face the Princeton ruggers at 2.30 o'clock this afternoon on Soldiers Field. The Tigers defeated the French Rugby Club, 15-8, but lost to the New York Club, 9-5, while the Crimson has played only one game this year.

Earlier in the afternoon, at 1.30 o'clock, the Jayvees will meet the Princeton Seconds. The Harvard subs romped over the Yale Junior Varsity last Wednesday with five tries and one conversion to their credit.

The Harvard lineups are as follows: Varsity: Watt, f.b.; Babbitt, l.w.; Meiklejohn, l.e.; Howard, r.c.; Potter, r.w.; Sherman, s.o.h.; Supper, s.o.h.; Nazro, f.; White f.; Cadman, f; Thorburn, f.; Oettinger, f.; Oppenmeimer, f.; Armstrong, f.; Wittausch, f.

Jayvee; Harris, f.b.; Lardner, l.w.; Mers, l.c.; Parker, r.c.; Cogawell, r.w.; Wheeler, s.o.h.; Ossorio, s.o.h.; Bocking, f.; McFadden, f.; Conant f.; Knapp f.; Dockery, f; Gorman, f; Van V. Veeder, f; Hoguet, f.