Shows Development From Time of Bacon To Present in Talk Before Business School in Anniversary Program

Dr. W. R. Whitney, vice president in charge of research of the General Electric the Company, was the speaker last night at the third meeting of the celebration of the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the founding of the Harvard School of Business Administration.

His address traced the history of research from the time of Francis Bacon to the sixteenth century to the present day. Bacon was the discoverer of scientific research as we now know it, such research, Whitney emphasized, is an organized and continuous search for new truth, and he used a striking example when he referred to the motto of Harvard University "Veritas." Veritas is the ultimate truth and he remarked that research has for centuries been chipping away at "veritas" and will continue to do so as long as any undiscovered truth remains. The problem, he said, is an endless adventure which the American people have engaged upon a gigantic scale--and an adventure which as time goes on is likely to engage the attention of increasing numbers of men, who are seeking adventure. The speech was part of the twenty-fifth celebration of the School.