Races For Senior and Junior Singles To Be Held Today -- House Events To Be Run Off Friday

Seventy-five men have entered the annual spring regatta which is being held this week. Today's races in the Senior and Junior singles which will be held at 4.45 and 5.15 o'clock respectively, will conclude the University regatta for which any student in the University is eligible. On Friday, the inter-House events will be run off, in which there will be the following events: wherry races, novice singles, Junior singles, eights, and couples. Monday's and yesterday's winners are as follows:

Wherry race: Won by A. G. Hale '36; H. H. Foster '35, and R. P. Curtis '36 tied for second. Time: 6 min., 23 sec. for half-mile course.

Compromise Race: Won by E. B. Wood 34; Peregrine White '33 second. Time: 5 min., 38 sec. for half mile course.

Novice Singles: Won by T. C. T. Buckley 1L, D. B. W. Brown 1G. B., second, Stanley Pierce '32, third. Time: 3 min., 7 1-9 sec. for half mile course.

Senior 150-pound eights: Won by First Varsity 160-pound crew, stroked by A. M. Brown, Jr. '34; Second Varsity 160-pound crew stroked by M. E. Johnston, Jr. '35, second: First 160-pound Freshman crew, stroked by L. V. Eaton '36, third. Time: 7 min., 14 sec. for Henley distance.

Junior 160-pound eights: Won by Third Varsity 160-pound crew, stroked by P. W. Jopling '35; Second 150-pound Freshman crew, stroked by Charles Wiggins, 3rd '86, second. Time: 6 min., 12 sec. for 1 mile distance.