Six Juniors and Three Sophomores To Be Chosen--Morison Added to List Of Nominees by Petition

John Hopkins Morison '35, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has been added by petition to the list of nominees for the Student Council elections. From the total of 24 names, six Juniors and three Sophomores will be chosen, and these in turn will appoint five Juniors and three Sophomores.

The voting will take place in the Houses at the luncheon and dinner hours today and tomorrow. The following men have been nominated:

From the Class of 1934

Richard Glover Ames

Richard Bassett

Theodore Chase

George Huntington Damon

John Herbert Dean

Paul de Barsy deGive

Francis Howes Gleason

Alfred Bowditch Hallowell

John Thomas Higgins

John Moore Morse

Roger Harper Martin

Henry Greenleaf Pearson, Jr.

Carl Albert Pescosolido

Elwood Kimball Salls

Atreus Von Schrader, Jr.

Bradford Simmons

Richard Palmer Waters, Jr.

From the Class of 1935

Ebenezer Francis Bowditch

Henry Hodge Brewster

Herman Gundlach, Jr.

David Whitney Lewis

John Hopkins Morison

Franklin Plummer Whitbeck

Charles Fuller Woodward