Taking an early lead, the second University crew outrowed the Freshman eight by three lengths over the 1 3-4-mile course in the Basin yesterday afternoon. Stroke Drury of the Jayvees kept his beat down throughout the race, and the upperclassmen were at no time forced to exert themselves beyond the extent required in a brisk workout. Both crews performed well, and, although the 1936 shell is not an outstanding one, its chances against Navy and Penn on Saturday are not unfavorable.

The Varsity crew had a short but stiff workout to the Harvard Bridge yesterday afternoon. Present seatings, which will not be changed before Saturday's race except through incapacitation, are as follows: stroke, Cassedy; 7, Saltonstall; 6, Bacon; 5, Bancroft; 4, Hallowell; 3, Simmons; 2, Yeomans; bow, Holcombe; coxswain, Bissell.

Change in Third Varsity

Excepting the substitution of R. A. Lawrence '34 for P. V. Bray '35, and Bray for C. D. Scott '33 in the third Varsity shell, the University squad has undergone no permanent changes during the past two weeks.

Jayvee, third Varsity, and Freshman seatings, all of which will be retained, barring mishaps, through Saturday's races, are as follows:

Second University--stroke, S. S. Drury '35; 7, F. J. Swayze '33; 6, A. D. Robertson '33; 5, Gridley Barrows '34; 4, J. W. Pierce '33; 3, A. L. Nickerson '33; 2, C. L. Whipple '34; bow, J. R. Walcott '34; coxswain, E. S. Litchfield '34.

Third University--stroke, F. A. Reece '35; 7, Richard Stackpole '34; 6, Henry Saltonstall '35; 5, Bray; 4, T. B. Knowles '34; 3, Lawrence; 2, R. D. Martin '33; bow, Albert Haberstroh '35; coxswain, T. H. Hunter '35.

First Freshman--stroke, Arthur Beane; 7, R. H. Clarke; 6, R. D. Kernan; 5, W. W. Prout; 4, W. W. Gallagher; 3, L. P. Eltel; 2, R. W. Drury; bow, L. C. Farley; coxswain, H. K. McVickar.