Will Succeed Brown as Kirkland Head Tutor--Whitney To Resume Place as Master of the House

Announcement of the choice of A. E. Monroe '08, lecturer in Economics, as Senior Tutor in Kirkland House for 1933-34 was made yesterday by J. T. Addison '09, acting House master. Monroe will succeed D. V. Brown '25, instructor in Economics.

Both Brown and Monroe, his successor, have been tutors at Kirkland House since September, 1931, the first year in which the old Freshman Halls where converted into the present unit of the House Plan. Brown was appointed Senior Tutor in April, 1930. He has resigned in order to accept a position as assistant professor of Medical Economy in the Medical School.

A further change in this year's staff at Kirkland House will be caused by the return from France of E. A. Whitney '17, associate professor of History and Literature and master of the House.