Many Universities Have Decline in Summer Entrants--887 From New England States

Although final figures will not be recorded until late this week because of a considerable number of students registering late, preliminary returns from the regular three-day enrollment period indicate a drop of slightly more than 20 per cent, compared to last year, of 1505 now signed up.

Probably because of the increasing stress that the College has put upon scholastic work, a greater number of Harvard and Radcliffe undergraduates are attending this sixty-second session of the Summer School. So far 289 Harvard students are listed with probably an equal number of Radcliffe girls, compared with 496 from both groups last year.

As in past years, the New England states contributed the largest number. Last year 74 per cent of those attending were from Massachusetts. The geographical distribution for this year follows in part: New England states: 877; Middle states: 150; South Atlantic states: 47; South Central states: 20; North Central states: 84; Western states: 15; foreign countries: 15.

Columbia University suffered a similar drop in their summer school enrollment with a 26 per cent decline. The University of Wisconsin was off 18 per cent, and the University oI Illinois, 22 per cent. Last year throughout the country there were 102,457 students doing summer work. From the results so far it appears there will be a decrease of 25,000.