John Barrymore and Diana Wynyard Star in Robert Sherwood's "Reunion in Vienna"

Mr. John Barrymore, after much face-making in the most approved Hollywood manner, has at last remembered that he is an excellent actor. His subtle and penetrating characterization in "Topaze" is now followed by another fine performance in "Reunion in Vienna," the piece de resistance at the University this week. Miss Wynyard turns in a capable and convincing performance as Eleana, as does Frank Morgan as her husband. May Robson is up to her usual high standard and the supporting cast is excellent.

One suspects, that on the screen as well as on the stage, that polished and adroit acting makes Mr. Sherwood's play seem somewhat better than it really is. Actually, it is merely the familiar French bedroom farce with a dash of high comedy flavoring--but how far removed from true high comedy like "The Second Man"--and lines that are clever and nothing more. And it is this lack of any genuine dramatic writing that procures for plays like "Reunion in Vienna" the extravagant critical kudos that is received. All in all, however, it provides a most diverting evening--with the aforementioned aid of Barrymore and Wynyard. Unfortunately, for some inexplicable reason, a large chunk of the best scene has been deleted.