College Asks Tax Cuts

Appeals for reduction of assessments on 13 downtown Boston business buildings owned by the President and Fellows of Harvard were filed with the State Board of Tax Appeals last week. The appeals are for the years 1931 and 1932 on property worth over $14,000,000. The taxes paid in 1932 increased $25,000 over the amount paid in 1931, when about $404,000 went to the state. The rate in 1931 was only $31.50 compared to the 1932 rate of $35.50. In all claims filed it is charged that the value set by the assessors is excessive, and that drastic reductions should be made.

The building in which Jordan Marsh's Men's Store is located, at the corner of Washington and Summer Street, was one of those appealed. The building, which is under long-term contract, is assessed at $2,325,000.