STOUGHTON 1--Occupied by John Gorham Palfrey, Secretary of State, under Van Buren and professor of sacred Literature at Harvard, during the year 1849-1850; by Edward Channing, famous historian; and by Francis Minor Weld.

STOUGHTON 11-15--Here lived Charles Townsend Copeland, familiarly known to all Harvard men as "Copey."

HOLLIS 10--Earl Derr Biggers, Famous detective novelist, and creator of Charlie Chan, occupied this room in 1901.

HOLLIS 17--Two men, famous in Harvard history spent their college days here. Ralph Waldo Emerson, philosopher and peet, lived here in 1820. James Bryant Conant, '14, newly elected President of Harvard occupied the room in 1913.

HOLLIS 19--James Warren Sever, for whom Sever Hall was named, lived here in 1816.

HOLLIS 20--Henry Thoreau, another of "Walden," and Edward Everett, President of Harvard from 1845 to 1848, lived here. Occupied also by Emerson.