James Loeb Bequeaths Over $800,000 To Harvard College

Other Moneys Willed By Widow of Former Dean of Dental School

Bequests made to Harvard University during the summer total $845,000. James Loeb '88, left three. The first was a $300,000 "Loeb Classical Library Foundation" for research in Greek and Latin literature; the second a $500,000 trust fund for Harvard University, the income from which is to be used to increase salaries of tutors and assistants in the department of the classics; and the third, a, $5,000 bequest to the University Library, the income from which is to be used for maintaining the Loeb Library.

Mrs. Carrie M. Smith, widow of Dr. Bugene H. Smith, onetime dean of the Harvard Dental School, established a $10,000 trust fund in memory of her husband $30,000 was left by Annie B. M. Smith of Boston.