Twenty-five men, recent graduates from college or young instructors of first year courses, have been appointed Freshman proctors for the coming year and will reside in the Freshman dormitories. The proctors are selected each year for their interest and former participation in college athletics and other activities as well as for their knowledge of the problems which confront first year men and their ability to aid in solving them.

The names and addresses of the proctors for 1933-34 are as follows:

Grays 4: James Barr Ames '32, of Wayland, Mass., magna cum laude, former CRIMSON editor and Secretary of the Student Council, who enters the Harvard Law School.

Grays 41: Vernon Munroe Jr., '31, of New York City (Phillips Exeter Academy). At Harvard, captain of the University Track Team, and President of the Student Council. As a Junior holder of the Francis H. Burr Scholarship for "remarkable qualities of character, leadership, scholarship, and athletic ability"; and, following graduation, holder of the Charles Henry Fiske Fellowship for Study at Cambridge University, England. A.B. '31 cum laude. Now a first year law student.

Hollis 7: George Booth Van Schaack '29, of Coxsackie, New York. Member of Phi Beta Kappa. Now an instructor in the College.

Holworthy 4: Frederick W. Hoeing of Rochester, N. Y. A graduate of Amherst in 1929. Active in college publications, Phi Beta Kappa. Now an assistant in History.

Holworthy 20: Dr. Marcel Francon of Lyon, France. Harvard A.M. '25, Ph.D. '29. Now an instructor and tutor in French.

Lionel A-21: Edward S. Amazeen '31, of Melrose Highlands, Mass. (Melrose High School) A.B. '31 cum laude. A member of the lacrosse team. 1930-31, and the second football team, 1929-31, and editor of the CRIMSON. Now a second year student at the Business School.

Matthews 6: William Andrew Schroeder Jr., '33, of McKeesport, Pa., a graduate of McKeesport High. At Harvard a member of the basketball team, tennis manager, and chairman of the Kirkland House Committee. He will enter the Law School this year.

Matthews 33: R. I. W. Westgate of Winnipeg, Canada. A graduate of the University of Manitoba, then Rhodes Scholar at Balliol College, Oxford. Now an instructor and tutor in Classics.

Matthews 46: Oscar Sutermeister '32, of Kansas City, Mo., former member of the University track team and Intercollegiate Pole Vault Champion in 1931. During the past year, he has been studying at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, on the Lionel deJersey Harvard Studentship, and returns to Harvard to study law.

Mower A-11: Kendrick N. Marshall '21, of Brockton, Mass. (Brockton High School). Recently returned to Harvard after several years in the Far East. Now an instructor and tutor in Government.

Stoughton 22: Albert N. Webster '31, of Lexington, Mass. (Lexington High School). Harvard University Crew, 1929. Now a second year law student. To assist Freshman Crew Coach.

Stoughton 24: Charles H. Burgess '31, of Sheridan, Wyo. (Sheridan High School). Member of the University Squash Team, 1930. A.B. '31, magna cum laude. Now a second year graduate student in Geology.

Straus A-11: Dr. Hugh M. Smallwood of Baltimore, Md, A graduate of Johns Hopkins, and now instructor in Chemistry.

Straus D-21: Rufus M. Meadows '32, of Buffalo, N. Y. (St. Mark's School). A member of his Freshman crew squad, and now a first year student in the school of architecture.

Thayer 29: Vahan N. Moushegian '32, of Lowell. Mass. (Lowell High School). University Basketball Team, 1930-31, and University Football Team, 1931-32. A.B. '32, cum laude. Now a first year law student. To be end coach on the second football team.

Thayer 59: John D. Gordon Jr. '30, of Norfolk, Va. (St. George's School) Cum Laude. Now an instructor in English.

Weld 8: John H. Pratt '30, of Chocorua, N. H. (Georgetown University) Cum Laude. Now a second year law student.

Weld 35: Lyman H. Butterfield '30, of Rochester, N. Y. (Charlotte High School) Summa Cum Laude. Phi Beta Kappa. University Soccer Squad, 1930. Now an instructor in English.

Wigglesworth A-22: Reginald H. Phelps '30, of Southwick, Mass. (Springfield Central High School). Editorial Chairman of the CRIMSON, 1929-30, and first scholar in his class. A member of the junior eight of the Phi Bota Kappa, A.B. '30, summa cum laude. Now an instructor in German and second year graduate student.

Wigglesworth D-21: Edmund A. Mays Jr. '32, of New York City (Taft School) University Football Team, 1929-30-31, and University Baseball Team, 1930-31. Now a first year student in the Business School. To be backfield coach for the Freshman football team.

Wigglesworth E-12: William W. Foshay '31, of Port Chester, N. Y. (Port Chester High School) Summa Cum Laude. University Lacrosse Team, 1929-30-31. Second football team, 1929-30-31. Henry Fellowship. Now a first year law student.

Wigglesworth I-22: John H. Gleason '30, of Newton, Mass. (Country Day School) Magna Cum Laude, and a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Now an assistant in History.

Wigglesworth K-22: Alfred Kidder, II '33, of Andover, Mass., Group I student, and a hammer thrower on both his Freshman and University track team, who returns to study anthropology