Sodality of 1808 Accepts Twenty-Seven At Try-Outs

Holmes Will Conduct Largest Group In History of Organization

From the results of the tryouts held Tuesday night, it is evident that the Pierian Sodality of 1808 will be larger than ever before and that the instrumentation will be full, it was announced yesterday by Malcolm H. Holmes, conductor of the orchestra.

The men accepted in the trials are as follows: C. Arrowsmith '37, G. Brown '37, J. Budryk '37, C. Cimmino '37, V. Clive 1L, W. Coleman 1G, B. Corson '37, R. Dine '37, A. Ellison '37, T. Everett '37, A. Fujine '37, F. Glike '37, G. Grob 2G, G. Hughes '37, L. Hunter '37, R. Kalteuborn '37, E. Labes '37, J. Ladd '37, D. Lindsay '37, E. Morgan '37, E. Packard '37, M. Rogers '36, O. Rogers '36, E. Shaw '37, J. Shimer '35, W. Smith '37, and A. Sweetser '37.