Crimson Team Heavily Favored to Win, Suffers Second Defeat -- Freshmen Lose to Army Trio

Despite being heavily favored to win, the Varsity polo team suffered its second defeat of the season, 13 1/2 to 7, by Westwood, at the Commonwealth Armory Saturday evening. The Freshman team, making its debut the same evening, also went down to defeat, 5 to 3, before an older and more experienced Army team.

The summary: Class A HARVARD  WESTWOOD No. 1. Edward H. Gerry '36  Blandon, No. 1. No. 2. Thomas Davis '35, Capt.  Phillips, No. 2. Lowell S. Dillingham '34, back  Lt. Chas. D. Palmer, back Goals--Blandon 6, Phillips 3, Palmer 3, Gerry 3, Davis 2, Dillingham 3. Class C HARVARD '37  51ST. BRIGADE Townsend U. Winmill. No. 1.  No. 1. Col. Eckfeldt Peter Cable, No. 2  No. 2, Capt. Moore (Capt. Storer) Royall Victor, back  back, Capt. Cunningham Goals--Cunningham 3, Winmill 5, Eckfeldt, Moore 3, Storer 1.