Pie With Ice Cream and Tomato Juice "Are in Great Demand," According to University Hall

Survey Lists Spinach As One Of Most Popular Vegetables In Dining Halls

Spinach ranks with asparagus, green peas, and green beans as the most popular vegetable served in the University dining halls according to a survey of the situation by University officials. Among the meats, steaks hold the lead with chicken, lamb chops, and roast beef following in that order.

So says the release which has been issued for the elucidation of the populace. We don't know who is responsible for it. Mr. Westcott's name is mentioned, but he should know better than to say that doughnuts are never served and that the "Harvard student usually starts (breakfast) with orange juice." In view of the recent bills of fare, we sense a bit of irony in the announcement that tomato juice and apple pie with ice cream are "in great demand." And the reason that students don't eat pancakes is because they don't want to wait to have them cooked.

For dessert, "fresh strawberries in season are preferred above all else" with ice cream sundaes closely following. Pies without a top crust and most gelatin desserts are in disfavor as are New England fish and boiled dinners and Boston baked beans. Probably Bostonians take their meals in the dining halls just to get away from those dishes.

"The menus are never the same on any given day in any two units of the dining hall system...A visiting committee of twenty women, mothers of students, (it is even done to our mothers)... inspect the menus, talk to the students, eat in the dining halls about once a week, and offer suggestions to the management... Menus are so diversified that there is no sense of sameness. No one can predict what will be served on a particular day of the week except that fish will always be available on Fridays. At frequent intervals a special steak or chicken dinner is offered. Besides the regular menu there is always an elaborate extra order list at additional cost."

However you may feel about it, "Freshmen, on the whole, spurn salads. But upperclassmen demand two salads a day, sometimes eating a large salad as a main course." It is surely all very interesting. Especially, if we may repeat, the perfectly truthful little statement that "Tomato juice is in great demand."