Announcement of the acceptance by Jonathan Edwards and Pierson Colleges at Yale of the "ententes cordiales" from the masters of Eliot and Lowell Houses should meet with warm approval among men in Cambridge. Since Professor Merriman took the initial stop last spring in the "reciprocity agreements" for a pleasant social relationship between the visiting faculty members of Jonathan Edwards College and Eliot House, the plans have been watched with interest by both universities.

This idea for setting up a social contact between the Cambridge and New Haven housing units has already, in the words of one of the masters, "Proved fruitful through the exchange of ideas and the sharing of experience." Nor will this innovation be found entirely without precedent, as there exists at the present time, in addition to the athletic contests staged between the winners of the College and House games, a co-operative plan for study under both faculties of the Yale Law School and the Harvard Business School.

The full potentialities of the plan may not be fully realized until the Yale tutorial system has developed to the extent of the Harvard plan, but the favorable reception granted the idea should encourage Harvard formulators to a definite and more complete conclusion of the project. This new Harvard-Yale arrangement represents a further expression of the good will existing between both universities and the opportunity for a more pleasant social relationship with the university at New Haven in the future.