Lining Them Up

It's a long way from Cambridge to New York and it's almost as far from Wercester to the Great City, but the dopesters there have got their dope and are dishing it out. Word comes from Gotham that the odds which the gambling shots will feature for the Harvard-Holy Cross melee on Saturday are giving the Purple host the edge to the tune of 9-5.

Of course the rumor has been around here for some time that the Crimson eleven will go into the game on the short side of at least 2-1 and the difference of one nineth, one tenth, one fifth or whatever it is indicates that somebody has been carrying a little bit of Harvard's enthusiasm to the Great White Way. Not an awful lot of it has managed to seep through the gloomy reports that predict "probably no action" for Freddy Moseley on Saturday, but what has already leaked out might well be supplemented by a great deal more.

Real Excitement About The Game

Not very often has the College got steamed up quite so much about the outcome of a mere football game. This week, however, you can hear it in the dining hall, on the steps of Sever and even in front of the Library, where tradition has always kept the conversation much more on the academic side. The burning issue of the hour is whether Sir John can whip the Purple Knight. After that, according to the dining hall quarterbacks, everything will be certain one way or the other. They say that if Harvard beats Holy Cross it is going through the season without difficulty. Even Princeton is beginning to lose its terrors and quotations of even money on the Tiger if the Crimson wins from "the Cross", are not few and far between.

All reports from Worcester indicate that the Crusaders are far from being as good as they should be. Even Doc Anderson claims that he is doubtful about winning, but in the words of one sports-writer "they're not overconfident, but they can't see how they can lose." One little item from Holy Cross today concerns the physical condition of one Leonard M. Kuziora, of Erie, Pa., who is considered the best sophomore back, and perhaps the best all-round back on the Purple squad. Kuziora will be out of the Harvard game and plenty of hosannas were echoing around Soldiers Field yesterday afternoon when the news arrived. The big bruising back--he tips the scales at 189--suffered what is known as a separated collarbone in the C. U. clash on Saturday and has been in the hospital ever since.

Morris Played 59 Minutes Last Year

Of course the loss of Kuziora leaves Doc Anderson without any outstanding backs except Eddie Britt, Nick Morris, Jim Hobin and Andy Callan, and the Holy Cross mentor will have to work hard for the rest of the week getting these youngsters, some of whom played only 59 minutes of the game last year, in shape for the fray.

But the news that we should like to send on to the bookies in New York is the conversation overheard yesterday. It ran something like this: "You know this football team is fighting mad. They're out to beat Holy Cross and then the rest of the season will take care of itself."

A Climax Par Excellence

There have been turning-points and turning-points. But it doesn't seem as if there had ever been the feeling so strongly among the football players that so much depended on the outcome of the game Saturday. The Harvard team this year looks to a casual observer like one of the most potentially powerful aggregations seen in Cambridge for many a full moon. Whether this potential energy can be turned into kinetic energy to the best advantage remains for a dry fast field and plenty of opposition to reveal. In any event take our advice, if you're betting on Harvard. and get more for your money than 9-5. By TIME OUT.