Sara White Of Yale News Reports Men Of Harvard Talkative, Redundant, And Behind The Times

"Yale men are our favorites, Harvard men act too superior!" shouted Smith maidens in unison to queries on the validity of the Harvard Man's Guide, according to Sara White in the Yale News. "Harvard boys are vain, repetitious, redundant, blind, and behind the times. They like to hear themselves talk."

Uncomplaining Radcliffe tells why her dances are so popular. "This is the depression. They can't take a Wellesley girl for a walk along the river and call it a day."

Boston University speaks, "Some Harvard men have intellectual achievement and charm, but they are sloppy in the way they dress, have a terrible accent, and are too superior."

"So the supercilious reserve of the Harvard men has broken down to the point of making remarks about their neighbors," retorts disgusted Simmons.